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November 23, 2007


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John Dowdell

Such services wouldn't need to be started or controlled by a particular covert group.

Such services would become natural targets of various covert groups, across governments, across factions, across legal status.

If I were in Chinese military or a Russian gang or whatever, I'd certainly want to insert or compromise an employee with high-level clearance to those databases. The owners of the web databases wouldn't need to know.

It's the centralization and automation of such data services that evolves them into naturally attractive targets. For defense, knowing what records others track of us, and being able to edit our remote info directly, seems the natural foil.

Roger Gordon

You know I had that same thought the other day. Really, I did.
But wait! How do I know YOU aren't US government affiliated? I better delete this post!

Naa, come get me!

Clyde Kebodeaux

When I was prepping for an interview with your company, I read your blog....I love the come and get me attitude. Dang! I hope you are not the Government....which Government??

Anyway, if I make it past the screeners, we'll get a chance to meet someday. I think that would be an interesting conversation given our backgrounds.


Dr. Letitia Wright

all of them are good data mining projects


Look, you are correct. The way it is done is to create an environment where people willingly give up their personal lives. It is a fact that CIA money got google on its way, and they recently moved into a NASA building. It is just too "out there" for people to believe or realize, but they are behind these sites no less than our phones are openly being acknowledged as being tapped. Are they going to tap phones, yet ignore the true gold mine of information? Its called tyranny, but it is too soft at the moment for people to be scared by it en masse. Anyways, good intuition, because you are square on.
watch this...

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